Welcome to Make New Friends, now what to do? Here is a simple step by step guide of the things you can do on the website

Directory page– list of local businesses available in your area

Discounts page- You have exclusive discounts for you to enjoy as a member so why not take advantage of offers available.

Competition page– we have a monthly competition for you to enter to win £20 voucher to spend on a local business in our business directory/discount page or what’s on page.

Members page– you can search members and find out about them and message directly if want to get to know them more.

Group chats– here you can join any group and chat about common interests, you can also create your own group and ladies can join and chat in the group, to get updates on each group make sure you change email preferences to receive emails.

What’s on page – list of local events happening near you for you to go and enjoy with your new friends, why not suggest them in the group chats.

Local Classes- Here is a list of local classes in your area you could suggest attending with your new friends.

Join a meet up– The meet ups are organised by Michelle and is for anyone to come and join and get to know each other face to face. This is the perfect opportunity to make new Friends and interact, you will get an email for each meet up and you can join on the page just fill out your details and you will be added, also you can see who else is attending.

My profile- This is where you can see if you have any messages, notifications, see your friends list. You can also make sure all your profile if up to date with all your information, photos etc.

Gallery– Pictures from some of our meet ups and ladies meeting also outside and making new friends

Support– Here is a list of questions and answers that may help you use the website better, but if need any support there is a link you can click to ask any questions you may have for needing help with the website

Contact us – If you have any queries then you can contact us here

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